The Process


  • Once you’ve decided to create or renovate an outdoor living space, it is time to schedule your Free Estimate.


  • We will contact you to set up a time and date that is convenient for you to meet and take a look at your project.


  • When we meet with you, we will talk about your project and get a feel for what you’d like to accomplish.
  • We know it’s not always possible, but when meeting families we enjoy meeting with both partners at the initial consultation. It helps give us an idea of each person’s input and vision.
  • We will discuss design options and offer suggestions based on the construction environment.
  • If there are any problem areas, we will point them out and discuss possible solutions.
  • We will provide and discuss samples of project materials and answer any questions you may have about them.
  • We will show you a portfolio of work we have completed, which sometimes helps clients visualize architectural features and new design features.
  • We take pictures of the construction area and take all of the needed measurements.


  • We provide a formal written estimate and professional CAD drawings for each design option.
  • Each item is listed independently on the estimate so you can see the breakdown of the cost.
  • We often schedule a second meeting date to review the estimate with you and answer any questions that may arise.
  • We have competitive rates, so if you receive another estimate that is dramatically different from ours, we encourage you to contact us to make sure the bids are for the same product specifications.
  • We will be happy to provide references upon request.


  • Should you decide to choose us for your project, we will provide a project agreement listing the details of construction.
  • We will set a time and date to begin your project. At this point we usually provide a general date range, depending on completion of prior projects.
  • We require a 50% deposit within a couple of days before the project is set to begin.
  • Depending on our schedule, we may require a 10% scheduling fee at the time of the project agreement to secure your start date in our scheduling. If the scheduling fee has been collected, 40% will be due at the project commencement.
  • On larger jobs, an additional 25% may be required at the mid-point. That will be discussed at the signing of the project agreement.
  • We will contact you a week or two before the start of the project to confirm an official start date.


  • We are very respectful of you and your property and will clean the work site at the end of each day.
  • The owner visits each job site daily to ensure high quality and an efficiently run project.
  • We welcome visits from the homeowners while the job is in progress. If you happen to be home, we encourage you to step outside to visit with the owner or the crew. We’re happy to answer questions you may have. It’s also beneficial to catch potential problem areas as they arise. It’s much easier to correct things while the job is in progress than to fix it after everything has been completed.
  • Once the job is complete, we schedule a time to meet with the homeowner to walk through the final product and make sure everything meets the homeowner’s standards. At that time, the final payment is collected.